The love for food by Ahmad Raza Khan

October 31, 2010

In the last moments of Alahazrat, 2 hours, 17 minutes before his death, Mawlana Ahmad Raza Khan prescribed a list of dishes which his followers should prepare together in regards to the practice of “Fatiha.” He said as mentioned in his last directions published by his followers:

“If possible, Fatiha should be done twice or three times a week and provided with the following things:
1. Cold milk [dudh ka barf khana saz], if possible from buffalow milk. 
2. Chicken biryani
3. Chicken pilaw
4. Shami kebab, even if it is from a goat.
5. Parathay aur balai
6. Custard [firni]
7. Black dentils with adrak and other condiments [lawazim]
8. Meat of bhari kucho
9. Apple juice
10. Pomegranate juice
11. Bottle of soda
12. Cold milk [dudh ka barf]”

Original scan of Wasaya, p. 9:

Notice how the leader of the Barelwis ordered twice to prepare cold milk.

Dr. Khalid Mahmud comments, “In one’s last moments pious people are busy in asking forgiveness. They are busy with dhikr and qur’anic recitation. One has thoughts about the Hereafter, but Khan sahib was busy with making a list of different kind of food.” [Mutali’a Barelwiyat, 1/21].

Please note, the book Wasaya Sharif [plural of wasiya] has been published for years by Barelwis. Nothing from this work is disputed by the Barelwis in anyway.

The 5 fundamentals of Barelwism

October 31, 2010

1. As long as you are in this world, keep on lying.
2. Consider every person an unbeliever except your own group.
3. Call those who consider Allah present [hadir] and seeing [nazir] an unbeliever, and accept Prophets, the Pious [sulaha’] and even unbelievers as present and seeing [hadir nazir].
4. Those who perform the funeral prayer of a Deobandi, are apostates and unbelievers.
5. Eat from the property and sweetmeats of female dancers and prostitutes and keep on having contacts with them.

Mawlana Muhammad Fazil, Paglon ki kahani, p. 22.

In our following posts, we will highlight and expand on each fundamental of the Barelwis. Especially their mass takfir of the muslims in the world will be discussed inshaAllah.

The religion of Ahmad Raza Khan

October 31, 2010

Mawlana Ahmad Raza Khan stated 2 hours, 17 minutes before his death in his wasaya:

“Remain with love and agreement. As long as it possible do not leave the following of the shari’a. Follow my religion [din] and school of thought [madhhab] which is apparent from my books and hold fast to it tight. Of every obligation [fard] this is the most important obligation.” [Wasaya Sharif, Nuri Kutub Khana, p. 9]

See also p. 16 on the Barelwi website:

From the above quote we can understand that the Barelwis not only have their own school of thought, but they also seem to follow a separate religion, for their leader refers to his religion as founded in his own books.

Mawlana Muhammad Fazil stated in his book Story of the fools [p. 13] after quoting the advice of Ahmad Raza Khan, that since the Barelwi imams always give their own interpretations and views of the statements written by the Deobandi scholars, surely they would not mind if their opponent did the same. Since they do not accept the explanations given by the Deobandi scholars about their own statements, no matter how hard they try, we have decided to act upon your principle of quoting texts with our own understanding.

Since the Barelwis have always acted upon this law, we have decided to do the same with your texts. Coming back to the main point:

The meaning of the statement of Alahazrat “follow my religion and school of thought which is apparent from my books” is that “I am a Prophet and I have explained my religion very well in my books.”

Paglon ki kahani, p. 13-14.

Ps. For those who might not understand the message: we do not consider Barelwis unbelievers. We have only tried to highlight their double standards and their absurd claims about the Deobandi scholars.

An observation by Mawlana ‘Ashiq Ilahi

October 31, 2010

Mufti Muhammad ‘Ashiq Ilahi Bulandsheri stated in his book “A moment of reflection for the Barelwi scholars and imams” the following observation about Barelwi laymen:

“According to the Barelwi masses, the meaning of being a Sunni means only that you do not become a Deobandi, call Deobandis unbelievers, no matter how many bad deeds you may perform. This attitude of the Barelwi laymen is the consequence of the silence and shallowness [mudahanat] of the Barelwi scholars and imams.”

Barelwi Ulama-e Mashayikh ke liye lamha fikriya, p. 92.

How to spot a Barelwi Mosque

October 30, 2010

You can recognize a Barelwi mosque from the following practices:

– The walls of the mosque are all decorated with Christmas lights.
– On the front wall of the mosque you can see Ya Muhammad written on it.
– Before and after every adhan [call to the prayer] the mu’adhin recites out loud assalaatu wassalaamu ‘alayka ya rasul Allah. This practice is always insisted upon.
– After each obligatory prayer, the congregation recites out loud 3 times La ilaha illallah together.
– After each prayer, after the sunnah and nafl prayers, they have a handshaking ritual with every person. Everybody takes part in this ritual no matter you have met the members of the congregation all before. After the nafl prayers, they also always have a congregational du’a which is never left out.
– After the Friday Prayer, they recite the Salatos Salam poetry out loud. Standing in a circle.
– In the lectures, you will hear slogans such as “Nara Rasul, Nara Haidri, Nara Ghawth,” telling the crowd to answer out loud to these slogans and call out to the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam), Ali (may Allah be well pleased with him) and to Shaykh Abd al-Qadir Jilani.
– At least once a month, they have the gathering of “Giyarwi” in the memory of Shaykh Abd al-Qadir Jilani where Qur’an is recited over cooked food.
– They have a special affection with the colour green. You will see many of them wearing green turbans and waving around with green flags. It is a symbol of the Barelwi party Dawate Islami.

If you see some of the above things in a Mosque, it is highly likely that they belong to the fanatic Barelwi sect. Try to educate Muslims about the evil of this cult.