Alahazrat Showing His Private Parts

In all biographies of Ahmad Raza Khan, the incident of meeting prostitutes as a child is mentioned. The Barelwis seem to have no problem in telling how he showed his private parts:

A’la Hadrat (alaihir rahmah) was a child of 4 years when this incident took place. On that particular day, he was dressed in a long Kurta. As he stepped out of his house, a few female prostitutes walked past him. In order to cover his eyes, A’la Hadrat (alaihir rahmah) quickly held the bottom of his Kurta with both his hands and lifted the Kurta over his face. When one of the prostitutes saw what he did, she said, “Well! Young man. You covered your eyes, but allowed your Satr to be shown.” With his face and eyes still covered, the young A’la Hadrat (alaihir rahmah) replied, “When the eyes are tempted, then the heart becomes tempted. When the heart is tempted, then the concealed parts become tempted.” So shocked and affected was this woman on hearing such a reply from a child that she lost consciousness.

22 Responses to Alahazrat Showing His Private Parts

  1. ahmad husain says:

    he was just a child then why bring this ?

    • riz says:

      why these deobandis bring these kind of topics is that the fatwa of kufr has been given to there so called moulvis shahibs and know they are realising that it is the truth which they cannot face and the fatwa of kufe has been given by ulema of makkah and madina

      • Muslim says:

        This has been answered plenty of times. The ulama of Haramayn retracted their fatawa once their realised they had been duped by the mischief-monger. Read the facts.

        I don’t like these kind of incidents being mentioned either. There’s no point in mentioning childhood incidents. However, I do know there are plenty of Barelwis who quote this story as a proof of the status of M. Raza Khan. How absurd!

  2. Khan says:

    Ask the Barelwi author’s of his biographies.

  3. Not so much of a critical review.. says:

    If anything, the aforementioned Incident demonstrates the following:

    1) Even at the tender age of 4 Imam Ahmed Rida’s piety was there to be seen for everyone.

    2) By covering the eyes as the Great Imam himself stated, all possible evils were prevented. Had the Imam not covered his eyes, you would have objected then also..

    3) The Shari’ah does not apply to a child who has not reached the age of puberty, so according to the pristine law you can not bring up any Shara’i objections.

    Note – there are incidents of Ashraf Ali Thanwi’s childhood where he has committed many heinous acts – I would love to see you post them!

    • We need not cover eyes in the first place…Allah swt has blessed us with eyelids to close…if he was too tempted (talking of temptations at age 4!) to close eyes directly with eyelids and needed something more powerful to shut, there were his palms, foolish that he needed to have lifted his shirt up….useless to even discuss he was a child and no sharia, everyone knows there is no shariah, then why bring up the story as if it was a great pious thing at all….a stark example where the utter stupidity of Ahmed Raza Khan and his followers shines, in bringing this dubious and eccentric story up and trying to show some virtue out of it….pathetic!

      • Raihan Alam says:

        These Criticism are alwayz on the Card by Munfiqueen whose Leaders (Nanotawi, Gangohi & Thanwi’s) blatant attempt to accept their Qufriya Beliefs by Muslims (mainly Indian Muslims) were crushed single handedly by Mujaddid of 14th century.

        Any body having jealousy with this fact, then have courage to do some research on this topic & check how Ulema of Harmain agreed in 1906 AD & time around this phase that Imam Ahmed Raza is indeed the Mujaddid of the 14th Century.

        Now, surely would like to bring the state of “Mujaddid of Monothiest Religion” or “deobandi Mujaddid of 14th Century” in his grave –

        “ yes, the graves were literally dug, human waste thrown into them and the mud scattered”

        Interestingly, Deobandis haven’t even posted any thing on this link in defense of their Mujaddid (NauzuBillah) – ,

        Would like to know from all those who admire him as Mujaddid, that which Mujaddid’s grave (Allah Forbids) in whole Islamic History has faced this kind of fate, that Grave is Dug out & Human Waste is thrown into it.?

        Not hard to understand that this happened with the “Hakim ul Ummah” & Deobandis tried their best of this news not to surface …other wise what would would have happened of their claim of Thanvi ji being Auliya Allah (Ma’az Allah)

      • Raihan Alam says:

        Please visit this site as well —

        Who out of his/her hatredness for Ala Hadhrat, accuses him & doesn’t accept his stature of Mujaddid of 14th Century

      • Muslim says:

        Why do you insist on bringing the fatawa of the ulama of Haramayn at every opportunity? This has been answered countless times. Perhaps you need to research what happened the following year.

        Who is the Mujaddid of the 14th century? There may be some dispute, but one thing is beyond a shadow of a doubt. He won’t be a liar or a deceiver. Can you find the single contiguous quote of the passage in Tahzirun Naas as quote in Hussam? No, I thought not. Can *anyone* find the supposed fatwa from Mawlana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi? Nope, not a chance because it doesn’t exist!

    • Muslim says:

      1) It’s not piety to show private parts
      2) As already mentioned, there’s no need to cover the eyes as you can shut them
      3) Agreed. However, many Barelwis quote this incident and some in their Jum’uah talks! Perhaps this should have been highlighted rather than the incident itself.
      4) 3 also applies to any other person including Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi. I don’t know about any heinous acts in childhood and frankly I’m not bothered – it doesn’t concern us as it’s “laa ya’ni”

  4. Irfan says:

    Had he been so much pious, he would have not covered his eyes… Couldn’t he simply lower his gaze???

  5. Abdullah says:

    @”Not so much of a critical review”

    Thank you for your reply. If he was 4 years old and the Shariah is not applied to him, why did he cover his eyes then? How did he come to know what prostitutes are at the age of 4? It shows that he was sensitive as a child for prostitutes and thus he was supposed to act as an adult and not show his private parts.

    This is a well-known ruling in fiqh mentioned in the books of jurisprudence, that when the sense or feeling of a child is like an adult person, he is treated as an adult. A women is supposed to cover herself in front of such a child.

    It seems Ahmad Raza was fully aware of the seductive body parts of a woman, and thus covered his eyes, while shamelessly showing his private parts to strange women.

  6. Abu Hafsah says:

    ”The ulama of Haramayn retracted their fatawa once their realised they had been duped by the mischief-monger. Read the facts”

    When did they retract their fatwa??
    In Aswarimul Hindiyya over 245 Ulema placed kufr fatawas on the deobandiyya, did they retract aswell?? If so, when??

  7. Abu Hafsah says:

    The 245 Ulema from India I meant.

  8. rizwan khan says:

    “allowed your Satr to be shown” – this could also mean his stomach.
    He was wearing a kurta, and most likely a shalwaar as well

    So he lifted his kurta, and a part of this stomach might have been seen, which is within the satr (below the belly button).

    So i don’t see what the issue here is?

    So you have an issue because the guy covered his eyes?
    Hahaha, common deo’s wake up man.

    Come up with some REAL STUFF

    LIke, the real issues are things like where, your leaders think it is better to think of sex and donkey during salat instead of saws.
    So they say salam on saws during salaat, yet they say you better not think of him.

    They are the real critical issues, not some kid covering his eyes and showing his belly button.

  9. Muhammed Abdullah Khan says:

    really interesting. the more and more i read deobandis and their defenders, my feelings get stronger and stronger that they are pure munafiqeen. i am sure the poster of this thread would have read shameful stories of ashraf ali while he was an adult yet they ignore it because he was their hakeem al-ummat and there should have been some wisdom in those stories. :). astaghfiruAllaha.

  10. Tanvir says:

    Shame on all of you barelwis and deobandis… is unbelievable to see adults throwing dirt at each other over a person who is not even alive…when are we going to realize that we are muslims and not barelwis and deobandis….
    Allah must be thinking he made a mistake creating humans like you..

  11. Tariq says:

    he was a child, i have mydoubt about this, how can a child of four know that the womens are prostitus? and oke if he had do his kurta on his eyes his private parts arent devoid because maybe he had pants on or a izhar. i am not brelvi but honesty is what muslims have.

    he is’nt a prophet he can also do mistakes, Allah is afu un ghafur

  12. Shift shah says:

    LOOOOL If I show you my knees, they’re my private parts too as accordance to satr.

    Wahabis are so dumb.

    • Mustafa says:

      1) So knees experience aroused? SubhanAllah. His response clearly indicated that he was speaking of his private parts and temptation, and not his knees.

      2) If one is able to lift one’s garment, such that it reaches the eyes, how then can the garment still be covering over the private parts?

  13. Awais Ali says:

    lol very stupid!! firstly they are prostitue who are most likely unware of ruilings of Sharia – according to them chest or upper part of the body is sattar when it is not and who wears kurta without shalwar.. it says he lifted up his kurta and not shalwar.. this so called “iteraaz” could only from a dirty minded munafiq.

  14. Mustafa says:

    1) What was the need for him to cover his eyes? Were the women nude? Did the sight of these women cause him arousal? At age 4?
    2) Intelligence dictates that one would need only to cover his eyes or avert his gaze, yet of all possible decisions he chose to act rashly.
    3) A young prodigious boy of reputed intelligence would have made a more dignifying decision.
    4) Rather Ironically in behaving rashly he ended up exposing his private parts to the women.

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