Shaykh Yaqoubi narrates from the Deobandi Muhaddith Anwar Shah Kashmiri

The scholar Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, whom Barelwis deem as one of their own, sits here in Turkey with the Deobandi scholar Azizur Rahman and mentions here his sanad back to the Deobandi scholars such as Anwar Shah Kashmiri. He also narrates back Shah Abdul Ghani, whom he describes as the “pride of peoplle of Hijaaz” (fakhr alh al-hijaaz). Shah Abdul Ghani is also counted as a Wahhabi according to Barelwi standards.

According to the manhaj of Alahazrat, Al-Yaqoubi should at least be deemed as a deviant! We wonder whether our Barelwi brethren will bring out a fatwa against him.

10 Responses to Shaykh Yaqoubi narrates from the Deobandi Muhaddith Anwar Shah Kashmiri

  1. Naveed says:

    The Deobandi Molvi must answer that why he is sitting with a man who celebtaes Moulood un NABI and allows seeking help from Rasool Ullah. In Indo/Pak, Deobandis label such practices as Shirk.

  2. Tanveer says:

    Deobandis are the most deceptive community among muslims. They call sunni barelwis mushriks because of having aqqeda of Ilm ul Ghaib, Hazdhir Nadhir, Istighata and Meelad and Shakikh Yaqoubi has all barelwi beleives and still called a muslim by Deobandis.

    Shame on Deobandis for doing Taqiya like Shias.

  3. Abul Hussain says:

    Message from AlaHazrat Ahmad Reza Khan Barelwi to all
    1) Barelwis
    2) MUhammad Yacoubi

    “He who doubts about the unbelief of the Deobandi’s is also an unbeliever.”
    (Ahmad Raza Khan in his Fatawa Ridwiyya, 6/82)

    “If anyone has the same beliefs as the Deobandi’s have, he is also an unbeliever.”
    (Ahmad Raza Khan in his Fatawa Ridwiyya, 6/43)

    “If anyone prays behind anyone of the Deobandi’s, he is also not a Muslim.”
    (Ahmad Raza Khan in his Fatawa Ridwiyya, 6/77)

    “Any person who doubts the kufr of these people (Deobandis) will themselves become kaafirs!” (See the preface to Ahmad Raza Khan’s Tamheed-e-Iman, p. v, by the South African Barelvi who called himself the “Khadim-e-Raza: servant of Rida Khan”, Mohammed Bana, dated 19/10/87)

    “Any person who would not call them (Deobandis) disbelievers or would maintain friendship with them, or would take into consideration their positions as teachers or relatives or friends will also definitely become one of them. He is a disbeliever like them. On the Day of Judgement, he will also be tied with them in the same rope. Whatever lame excuses and fraudulent arguments they give here are invalid and false.”
    (Ahmad Rida Khan in his Tamheed-e-Iman)

    “If anyone admires Darul Ulum Deoband, or does not believe in the corruption of the Deobandi’s and does not scorn them, then this is sufficient to make a judgement for him to be a Non-Muslim!”
    (Ahmad Raza Khan in his Fatawa Ridwiyya, 6/43)

    “If there is a gathering of Hindu’s, Christian’s, Qadiyani’s and Deobandi’s, the Deobandi’s alone should be rejected, for they have come out of the fold of Islam and defected from it. Agreement with the unbelievers is far better than the agreement with the apostates!!”
    (Ahmad Raza Khan in his Malfuzat pp. 325-6)

    “The works of the Deobandi’s are more unclean than the various works of the Hindu’s. The doubt about the heresy of Ashraf Ali Deobandi and suspicion about his punishment is also unbelief. To cleanse the impurity with the papers of the works produced by the Deobandi’s is not lawful, not because of the respect for their books, but because of the reverence of the letters with which they have been written.”
    (Ahmad Raza Khan in his Fatawa Ridwiyya, 2/136)

    “The Wahhabi’s are more contemptuous than Iblis, indeed more mischievous and more straying than he, for the Shaytan does not tell a lie, but they tell a lie!!”
    (Ahmad Raza Khan in his Ahkam-e-Shariat (p. 112)

    “A woman is capable of committing fornication. Then according to the opinion of your leader and teacher, it is necessary that your God too should be capable of committing fornication – otherwise the prostitutes of the brothers of the Deobandi’s would laugh at Him and say: ‘How do you claim for Godhead? You are not capable of doing which even we can do?’ This naturally implies that your God must possess a female sexual organ – otherwise where will be the sexual intercourse?”
    (Ahmad Raza Khan in his Subhan al-Subbuh. P. 142)

  4. Tanveer says:

    Brother Abul Hussain. Why don’t you answer my simple question.

    According to your madhad Shaikh Yaqoubi is a budati and hence jahanumi. Why your scholars are sitting with him proudly?

  5. taiyyib-ali-sajjad says:

    shaykh al yaqoubi ( may allah increase their knowledge in islam and also give them long) shaykh al yaqoubi has to go to these kind of people to educate them and shaykh al yaqoubi doesnt except them, they except shaykh al yaqoubi and shaykh al yaqoubi goes to any person who needs to be educated. shaykh al yaqoubi is naming the scholers of deoband because to slowly invite them to ahhle sunnati waljamaa. this is the way to spread islam , shaykh al yaqoubi loves them and wants to bring them on the straight path, but shaykh al yaqoubi hasnt said something special about them or honoured them in any kind of way. at the end of the day shaykh al yaqoubi just mentioned their name. but what did shaykh al yaqoubi say about imam ahmed raza khan ahlahazrat ” i had a dream about ahlahazrat and i were very pleased and happy to see them and they were the mujjaddid of india and i even read one of their books and i gained alot of knowledge from that and i wer at the age of 10 when i first heard of them and his work in islam was great as he is, he was a great scholar of fiqh, hadith, arabic language, and a great poet himself”. jazakallah for your time

    • Shaykh Al Yaqoubi’s Sanad goes back to Allama Anwar Shah Kashmiri. Having a Kafir (as barelvis say) in one’s sanad is not something he would say in front of Audience. Moreover, Barelvis consider everyone who does’nt consider Deobandis to be a KAfir a kafir. Shaykh Al YAqoubi is also a kafir because of this. Shaykh Mustufa Al Bughaa (A Scholar, teacher of Al Yaqoubi) said ” The Knowledge of the Hour is known only to Allah”. Shaykh Alawi al Hussaini Al Maliki (May Allah have mercy on him and his father, Abbas bn Alawi) praised Shaykh Al Islam Husayn Ahmad Madani with the title ‘Shaykh Al Islam”. Moreover, The Great Shaykh, Muhammad bin Alawi Al Maliki studied from Zakarriyya Al Kandhelvi (May Allah have merrcy on him) for 2 years. His Father, Abbas ibn Alawi studied fro Husayn Ahmad Madani. Shaykh Taha Karaan, the wide-accepted Shafi’i Faqih, respected, accepted and qouted by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Shaykh Al Ninowy, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, studied in Darul Uloom Deoband. Shaykh Abd al Fattah Abu Ghudda, the wide accepted Hadith Scholars, who’s books are a syllabus in Jamia Al Azhar, studied from 24 Deobandi Shuyukhs. Shaykh Al Azhar Ahmad At Tayyeb has Ijaza from Mufti Taqi Usmani ( a Deobandi). Shaykh Usman Nabulusi, after reading Juhd Al Muqil, a book of Mahmud al Hasan Gangohi, said that “This is the greatest book on the topic (Imkan Al KAdhib) written by a masterful Scholar”. This book, Juhd Al Muqil is Considered the Worst books of Kuffars by Ahmad Yar Khan NAeemi Al BArlevi. Usman An Nabulusi is also a KAfir???? Shaykh Faysal,a Imam of a Mosque in Oman and a Mudarris in a Jamia of Shaf’i Fiqah, Al Jamia Al Uloom Al Arabia, studied from Saleem ullah khan, a Deobandi, He studied from SARFRAZ KHAN SAFDAR (THe MOST HATED DEOBANDI BY BARELVIS) Its my request to you, visit Oman, meet the scholars there, and ask them about BArelvis, YOu will get a Good Response, They will say ” These are greater biddatis than Mutazilis” and then ask them about Deobandis. They will respond ,”The greatest Schoalrs produced in the century is produced from Deoband”. You can go to Jamia AL Azhar, ask them about Anwar Shah Kashmiri, they will say ” He is Imam AL Asr Allama Anwar Shah Kashmiri not just ANwar Shah KAshmiri”. Fayd Al BAri is taught in Jamia AL Azhar (In the hadith course of 3 years). Fathul Mulhim is taught in Zaytuna Institue in Mawritania. Mauritanian Scholars respect Ulama Deoband. Tablighi Jamaat is popular all over the World dear, you can visit countris such as Egypt, Mauritania.

    • He respected Ahmad Raza Khan because he is not aware of him. How can he know the deviations written in hsi books?

  6. muhammad says:

    verily true taiyyib brother

  7. Mohammed Kamran says:

    Sheikh muhammad al yaqoubi on how to find out right sect and how to find out who are the people from ahle sunnah wal jamah he said that the people who love imam ahmad raza khan (r.a.) (alahazrat) are the people who are from the jamah and are on the right path. He describes Alahazrat as the mujjaddid if indian subcontinent and the most honoured and learned scholar of ahle sunnah in modern time. if you want to check it out you can see sheikh’s interview on Sunni talk on YouTube. Insha’Allah you will get all the info about the sheikh and sheikh remarks on the people who love Alahazrat and those who think the other way around.

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