Shaykh Yaqoubi narrates from the Deobandi Muhaddith Anwar Shah Kashmiri

December 15, 2012

The scholar Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, whom Barelwis deem as one of their own, sits here in Turkey with the Deobandi scholar Azizur Rahman and mentions here his sanad back to the Deobandi scholars such as Anwar Shah Kashmiri. He also narrates back Shah Abdul Ghani, whom he describes as the “pride of peoplle of Hijaaz” (fakhr alh al-hijaaz). Shah Abdul Ghani is also counted as a Wahhabi according to Barelwi standards.

According to the manhaj of Alahazrat, Al-Yaqoubi should at least be deemed as a deviant! We wonder whether our Barelwi brethren will bring out a fatwa against him.

A Gift for Barelwis – Mufti Muhammad Mujaahid

December 6, 2012

Another nice Urdu book uploaded about Barelwism, written by Mufti Muhammad Mujaahid. The book is divided in two parts. The first parts deals with Barelwi books and there extreme beliefs surrounding takfir, awliya’, their insults against our mother Aisha etc. The second part deals with the allegations towards the scholars of Deoband.