Exaggerated statements by Ahmad Rida Khan

April 20, 2015

There are many absurd statements of Ahmad Rida Khan that can be found in the book “malfoozaat”, a compilation of the statements of Alahazrat.

One of these absurd statements is the following:

Sir! Do the Awliya of Allah possess the power of being present at many places at the same time?

ANSWER: Yes! If they so desire then they can be present in a thousand cities at the same time.


QUESTION: (by the Compiler) Sir! This means that the image of Alame Mithaal (World of Copies) is under the control of the Awliya for one person to be seen in many places. If it is so, then a doubt is created because replica (images) of a thing is not original. Hence, the presence of a replica is not the presence of the original.


QUESTION: The copies or replicas are of the body and the Soul focuses itself with all these replicas and controls them wherever they may be.  According to the reality of the Soul, it is one person present in numerous places. This too, is as far as external intelligence or understanding is concerned because it is recorded in Sab’ah Sanabil Shareef that Aarife-Billah Sayyidi Fathe-Muhammad t used to be present at ten different gatherings at the same time. Someone remarked at the Sheikh when he accepted ten different invitations from separate individuals to be present at their functions at same time. They said that this was not possible.  The illustrious Sheikh replied, “Krishan Kanayya (a Hindu Deity) was a Kaafir and could present himself in hundreds of places at the same time. So why there be a problem if Fathe Muhammad is present in a few places at the same time?”


Then Ala’ Hadrat t stated: Do you still doubt that the great Sheikh was present only in one place? No, never! In fact the Sheikh was personally present at all the places. The secrets of spirituality are far beyond the comprehension of man. To doubt and ponder over this matter will certainly affect your Imaan.

We ask our barelwi brothers:

What is the proof that a hindu deity was present in 100 places at the same time?
Do you not feel akward to compare our beloved Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him) with a kaafir accursed deity?