The Mujaddid of Takfir: Ahmad Raza Khan

In this post, I will describe how Ahmad Raza Khan was a Kharijite by making mass takfir of the Muslims all over the world. Not the Salafis, but the innovator Ahmad Raza Khan deserves the title of the Revivor of Takfir. His principle of chain takfir “one who does not call the Deobandis unbelievers, is himself an unbeliever” was broadly used in his works and was also accepted by his Khulafa’ and later day followers.

This article is divided into several paragraphs:

1. Ahmad Raza Khan and his takfir of Deobandis: anyone who has read the texts of the Deobandis, and still deem them as Muslims, is an apostate. Anyone who has not read them, but considers the Deobandis as Muslims, is at least a deviant. Their wives are haram for them, and their children are bastards. I will quote Fatawa Ridhwiyya and Ahkame Shari’at written by Ahmad Raza.

2. Deobandi scholars who are aware of the statements of their elders, are apostates. There are several Fatawa showing that Deobandi graduates who are aware what is written in Hifz al-Iman, Barahin Qati’a, Tahzir al-Nas are apostates. There is a fatwa of Sardar Ahmad, a well-known accepted Barelwi scholar who has stated such.

3. Several Fatawa from Barelwi scholars showing that mainstream Deobandis are apostates.

4. Conclusion: the Deobandi-Barelwi conflict has been imported to the west, with several statements of the Deobandi elders being translated and widely read.  However, still the so-called neutral scholars such as Hamza Yusuf, Abdul Hakim Murad, Nazim Haqqani, Haba’ib, Muhammad Yaqoubi, Abd al-Hadi Kharsa that even the Barelwis endorse, have not done takfir of the Deobandis, which automatically means they have also turned into apostates. Munawwar in his critique of Sh. Nuh Keller has accepted his translation of the Deobandie elders, but still has no guts to call Sh. Nuh an apostate. Please be honest and tell the world your opinion about these scholars in the light of the Barelwi elders. They have read the statements, yet do not agree with the takfir.

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