Anyone who does not declare the Deobandis as unbelievers, is himself a disbeliever

March 6, 2011

One should know that Ahmad Raza Khan in his Fatwa of kufr against the Deobandi scholars was against ALL Deobandis. And even to those persons who refused to make takfir of Deobandis.

This Fatwa can be still found today. In a question posted to the scholars of Bareilly, the fate of a person called Zayd was asked. Zayd considers himself as a lover of Ahmad Raza Khan and is a murid of the grandson of Alahazrat, Akthar Raza Khan, but refused to do Takfir of Deobandis and has other teachers who also refuse takfir, and perform the funeral prayer of Deobandis.

The answer was quite simple, and it was said that these people should renew their belief and their marriage contracts if they have a wife.

See: ‘Abd al-Rahim Bistawi, Majmu‘a Fatawa Bareilly Sharif, p. 89-91

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We know ask the question to our Barelwi brethren: What is the fate of the millions of scholars outside the subcontinent, who refused to do takfir of the Deobandis? Nowadays the Fatwa of your Alahazrat has even been translated.

It was even translated by Shaykh Nuh in his article and quoted by the Barelwi scholars. Please do give your Fatwa of Takfir of Shaykh Nuh and all those other scholars in the world who have refused to perform takfir.