Ahmad Rida Khans insulting remarks about Sayyida Aisha

December 2, 2014

We did not want to translate this vile, shameless poem of Ahmad Rida Khan, but we wanted to highlight the problematic creed of the barelwis for the neutral reader who is trying to search for the truth in the mids of Ahmad Rida Khan lovers.

He said in  Hadaiq-e-Bakhshish, vol 3 p. 37:

Tang o chust unka libaas, aur wo joban ka ubhaar, muski jati hai qaba sar se kamar tak le kar,
Ye patha parta hai joban meray dil ki surat, ke huy jaate hai jama se baron seena o barr

We will provide a translation but if any Barelwi can provide a better translation, let him come forward:

Her tight fitting clothes revealeth the Robust and Youthful contours of her body, with it’s protruding breasts and jutting bust, and these were searing my thoughts and tearing away at my heart

Can any sane muslim talk about the “tight fitting clothes” of his mother let alone the mother of the believers?!?


Mawlana Thanwi’s argument and Ahmad Rida’s misinterpretation

December 2, 2014

Here is Maulana Thanwi’s argument:

“If someone can be referred to as Alim al-Ghayb based on having partial knowledge of the unseen, the term loses all significance because it is not the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu `alyhi wa Sallam) alone who can be said to have partial knowledge of the unseen, insignificant and worthless creatures such as mad men or animals may also have some knowledge of the unseen.”

And this is Khan sahib’s accusation regarding it:

“Thanwi says that the Holy Prophet’s knowledge is equal to that of mad men or animals”