Pir Karam Shah and his Tafsir Diya al-Qur’an

August 17, 2012

An article published in al-Bayyinat. Some quotes presented in Urdu showing he had a belief contrary to the elders of Bareilly: http://www.banuri.edu.pk/ur/node/406

Pir Karam Shah and Ml. Qasim Nanotwi according to the Barelwi Scholars

March 4, 2012

It is often claimed by Barelwis that Pir Karam Shah sahib repented of his praise of Mawlana Qasim Nanotwi and Tahdhir al-Nas. In this half hour long speech Barelwi ‘alim Syed Tabasum Bukhari refutes this claim and recounts his confrontation with Pir Karam Shah and the latter’s refusal to declare Mawlana Qasim Nanotwi a kafir:


Tabassum Bukhari, the Barelwi scholar, met with Pir Karam Shah in 1996 in Behra because of Pir Karam Shah stating that that Ml. Qasim Nanotwi did not deny the finality of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) of this time. Tabassum Bukhari wrote a letter to Pir Karam Shah but he did not answer to his refutation. So Tabassum Bukhari traveled to him and asked him for a clarification (15:30 minutes).

So he asked for his aqida (16:50 minutes). He criticizes the Barelwi scholars for not having the courage to speak against him (17:30 minutes). So in 1996 he asked him what is your opinion about the quotes in Tahdhir al-Nas which the Barelwi scholars called the kufr.

Pir Karam Shah was asked (20:45 minutes) by other Barelwi scholars what his true stance was.

Tabassum Bukhari preached for a long time and was emotional and was grabbed by his students to stop (at 22:48 minutes) him. Pir Karam Shah said in the end: I don’t call any Muslim an unbeliever.

Then Tabassum Bukhari stated that I will write against you (24:00 minutes). Then Pir Karam Shah waved with his hands and stated: Go and write whatever you want against me, I don’t call any Muslim an unbeliever. (24:24 minutes)

Tabassum Bukhari stated: I don’t say you should call a Muslim an unbeliever, but what do you say who writes kufr, can you not call him a kaafir then? Then he stated the same.

Then he wrote a whole book against him and against tahdhir al-nas.. A lot of Barelwis stated that this book should not be published because Pir Karam Shah is one of our own, and it will haram us. But the Barelwis did publish the book. Pir Karam Shah was alive during that time and during this lecture.

31:30 he says: A LOT OF (Barelwi) SCHOLARS in our time don’t affirm the kufr of the Deobandi scholars and are guilty of sullah kulliyat. They are playing from both sides.

At 33:49 he refers to the muqaddima of Zia al-Qur’an stating that both Deobandis and Barelwis are united in the fundamentals (usul) and even agree on the finality of the Prophet.