The 5 fundamentals of Barelwism

1. As long as you are in this world, keep on lying.
2. Consider every person an unbeliever except your own group.
3. Call those who consider Allah present [hadir] and seeing [nazir] an unbeliever, and accept Prophets, the Pious [sulaha’] and even unbelievers as present and seeing [hadir nazir].
4. Those who perform the funeral prayer of a Deobandi, are apostates and unbelievers.
5. Eat from the property and sweetmeats of female dancers and prostitutes and keep on having contacts with them.

Mawlana Muhammad Fazil, Paglon ki kahani, p. 22.

In our following posts, we will highlight and expand on each fundamental of the Barelwis. Especially their mass takfir of the muslims in the world will be discussed inshaAllah.


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