The love for food by Ahmad Raza Khan

In the last moments of Alahazrat, 2 hours, 17 minutes before his death, Mawlana Ahmad Raza Khan prescribed a list of dishes which his followers should prepare together in regards to the practice of “Fatiha.” He said as mentioned in his last directions published by his followers:

“If possible, Fatiha should be done twice or three times a week and provided with the following things:
1. Cold milk [dudh ka barf khana saz], if possible from buffalow milk. 
2. Chicken biryani
3. Chicken pilaw
4. Shami kebab, even if it is from a goat.
5. Parathay aur balai
6. Custard [firni]
7. Black dentils with adrak and other condiments [lawazim]
8. Meat of bhari kucho
9. Apple juice
10. Pomegranate juice
11. Bottle of soda
12. Cold milk [dudh ka barf]”

Original scan of Wasaya, p. 9:

Notice how the leader of the Barelwis ordered twice to prepare cold milk.

Dr. Khalid Mahmud comments, “In one’s last moments pious people are busy in asking forgiveness. They are busy with dhikr and qur’anic recitation. One has thoughts about the Hereafter, but Khan sahib was busy with making a list of different kind of food.” [Mutali’a Barelwiyat, 1/21].

Please note, the book Wasaya Sharif [plural of wasiya] has been published for years by Barelwis. Nothing from this work is disputed by the Barelwis in anyway.

10 Responses to The love for food by Ahmad Raza Khan

  1. ismail says:

    in fathia the only verses that are recited is the quran, so you are trying to say you cannot recite the quran,and it is haraam to recite the quran????

    so i think the gist of the above quotes are you cannot read quran as it is haraam, please clarify if it is allowed to recite quran or not???

  2. Madni Vadhariya says:

    You stupid people Alahazrat order this food to be given to poor people and thats good

    • Murtaza says:

      On page 9-10 in the old version of wasaya sharif there are two points mentioned. The first point talks about how Ahmad Raza had love for the poor and the second point mentions how Ahmad Raza ordered 12 lavish food dishes to be presented to his grave after his death. These two passages are two totally different points of of information. Ahmad Raza might have had love for the poor, but the dispute is weather the food mentioned in point two was intended for the poor. I’m afraid there is no mention of the word poor when he mentions the 12 food dishes, deceptive barelvis have added the word “poor” in brackets in there translations.

  3. rizwan khan says:

    I see, so just like when saw’s was passing away, he was thinking of giving to the poor, and now Imam Ahmed Raza Khan is also thinking of giving to the poor.

    Ok, so whats wrong with that?
    I don’t see the problem here?

  4. This wahabi is such a big Liar and he knows he is lying deliberately, Alhamdolillah some sunni brothers above have exposed him fully, but still he has the audacity to say he that passage does not mention anywhere that this food is for poor. Here let me destroy this wahabi from the same scan page he showed.

    In Point # 11 just above the point about list of foods, the Imam of Ahlus Sunnah Ahmed Ridha (rah) says:

    Urdu: Fatiha kay Khanay say Aghniya ko kuch na diya jai “SIRAF FUQARA KO DAIN” ..[Page #9]

    English: The food of Fatiha “SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN TO RICH” but only to the extremely poor (Fuqara)” .. [Page # 9]

    Shame on you Wahabi, if you have the guts then do not delete my post and do not edit your website because I have taken screen shots now!

    • murtaza Khan says:

      Open your eyes and read again what i mentioned. There are two points of information.. point 11 and point 12. Whatever he has mentioned in point 11 has got nothing to do with point 12. In point 11 mentions Ahmad Raza’s love for the poor and point 12 mentions his order of 12 lavish food dishes to his grave.

      Point 1. For arguments sake lets say the food in point 12 was intended for the poor, then why was the food taken to Ahmad Raza’s grave rather than a gathering of the poor. This clearly shows the food was for non other than Ahmad Raza Barelvi.

      Point 2. The passage where it mentions the poor and the passage where it mentions the food dishes are two different points of information.

      Point 3. How can the food in point 12 be intended for the poor when it is mentioned “HE HAD ALREADY ASKED FOR IT, SO HE REPLIED WRITE IT AGAIN” and also “AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED, A MAN DURING THE BURIAL BROUGHT MILK ICE WITHOUT NOTICE”.

      Point 4. Point 12 in the book mentions 12 lavish food dishes for Ahmad Raza Barelvi and there is no mention of the word POOR.

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