Tawaf Around Graves

According to the Barelwi scholars, tawaf around graves would be perfectly fine for special people. This was explicitly mentioned by Mawlana Amjad Ali in his accepted book Bahare Shari’at. In the fourth parth, on page 90 he states:

“And tawaf ta’zimi (for reverence) around the grave is not allowed, but if circumambulates around the grave to gain blessings, then there is no harm in this. But awwam (laymen) would be stopped from this and [this] should not be performed in front of the laymen…”

See here for the original scan: http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i72/khanbaba21/BaharShariah-Tawaf.jpg

We ask our Barelwi brothers one simple question: Is there any reference to a classical Hanafi book allowing tawaf for khawass?

3 Responses to Tawaf Around Graves

  1. Salahuddiin from Finland says:

    Jezakallaah.. I read all the posts and they have been most useful for me. I didn’t know Berelwies go this far. Even I knew they pray from the dead and Nabi. But to say that someone else, than Allah is in power of this universe? And Tawaaf of graves? This is clearly something Haram.

  2. A Servant says:

    More posts coming up about the Barelwi sect inshaAllah.

  3. 'Abd al-Qadir says:

    As-salamu ‘alaykum,

    your reply is needed: http://www.falaah.co.uk/fiqh/196-circumventing-graves.html

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