Definition of shirk by Shah Abdul Qadir

September 22, 2011

A quote of Shah Abdul Qadir, the son of Shah Waliyullah, in mawdih al-qur’an under verse 2:221 refuting the shirki concept of hadir nazir and mukhayyir al-kull:

شرک يه هے كە اللّه كى صفت كسى اور ميں جانے مثلا كسى كو سمجهے كه اس كو هر بئت معلوم هے يا وه جو چاهے كر سكتا هے يا همارا بھلا يا برا كرنا اس كے اس كے اختيار ميں هے اور كسى كو سجده كرے اور اس سے حاجت طلب كرے اس كو مختار جان كر

Shirk is to ascribe any attribute of Allah to someone else, like for example one believes that one knows everything, or believes he can do whatever he wants, or can benefit or harm us, or one prostrates before anyone and asks him to fulfil his needs believing he has the choice to do so.