GF Haddad states Shah Ismail is free of blame on the issue of Sarf Himmah

December 18, 2013

wa `alaykum salam,
Those who painstakingly gathered and translated the apologetic evidence in defense of Shah Ismail deserve credit because they have brought to light material from the sources that was unavailable before, and my feeling is they have tried to be fair in their translations. After a quick perusal of a few issues I am satisfied that on the one hand Shah Ismail is blameless on the issue of sarf al himma, but not on that of ‘mixing with the earth’ despite Mawlana Gangohi’s attempt to make it sound acceptable to use an ambiguous expression. Prophetic Attributes are tawqifi and here as elsewhere we stand with athar. Nor is Shah Ismail’s position that more Muhammads can be created other than tanqis of Prophet posing as ta’zim of Allah Most High. Those who ask for such discussions must therefore sift the chaff from the good and give each its due. In the end we repeat it is best to leave it alone, make peace, worship Allah and bless the Prophet.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

As stated by the Raza Khanis, each and every accusation they hurled at Shah Ismail contained “kufr” so we ask the Barelwis: will you declare GF Haddad a deviant for his defense of Shah Ismail on the sarf-e himmat issue? The lie that thinking about the Prophet is worse than thinking about a donkey can be read on every Barelwi website and heard in every Barelwi mosque. Oh Barelwis! Do you not fear Allah!