Comparison with deceiving hunters

November 12, 2010

One of the other weird analogies made by Barelwis was regards to the Prophet (peace be upon him) being a human. Here again, some of the Barelwis claim the Prophet was a bashar [human] from the outward, and in essence a literal light. They forbid people to call the Prophet (Allah bles him and give him peace) a human being. Now to prove this belief, the Barelwis had to make faulty explanations regarding those verses and ahadith where the Prophet himself was quoted that he was a human being.

Thus, the false analogy was given with hunters who deceive animals with false voices in order to catch them.

It was stated in Ja al-Haq on p. 171 after quoting the verse “I am but a bashar” (18:110):

“In this verse the unbelievers are being addressed. Because each thing has a dislike for something coming from a different genus than themselves. It was accordingly said, “O unbelievers! Do not fear me [the Prophet]. I am from your genus, I am a Bashar. Hunters imitate the voices of their prey to catch them. The object behind the ayat is to make the Kuffar inclined [towards the Prophet]. If Deobandis are also amongst the unbelievers, then this statement may also apply to them.”

Ask yourself the question. How can a Nabi be compared with a hunter who tries to deceive the animal in order to catch it? The call of our Prophet (may Allah bless him and give him peace) was free from such trickery!