Ahmad Raza Khan

Ahmad Raza Khan showing his private parts to prostitutes: https://barelwism.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/alahazrat-showing-his-private-parts/

Ahmad Raza Khan mentioning a list of different types of food and drinks, 2 hours before his death: https://barelwism.wordpress.com/2010/10/31/the-last-will-of-ahmad-raza-khan/

6 Responses to Ahmad Raza Khan

  1. Abul Hussain says:

    What follows are some extracts from the works of Ahmed Raza that make his style of language apparent:

    “The elder one from the party of kufr, the Wahabi, the cursed Shaytaan… O filthy ones! You are declared kafirs. O the jokers of Iblees, the donkey of Dajaal… O Munafiq… O Disgraceful worthless Wahabi, like the dominion of Qaaroon it comes deep down in the earth. O miserable (words unclear) of Najdiyah, wailing owl of Wahabiyah and audacious enraged up.” (Khalis al-‘Itiqaad p2-20)

    He continues in the same book (p.22) but this time specifically referring to the scholar Sh. Hussain Ahmed Madani:

    “Has ever any more shameless than shameless, more filthy and ugly than ugly, more impudent than impudent, despicable, vile and filthy nation done such a thing rashly against its enemy? Closed your eyes and arrogantly opened wide your filthy mouth in pride! Published them and made them famous! And not only is pride on them but it is heard that in them is some new and young, modest, shy, cute and sharp, sweet and juicy, lovely, playful and cheerful, (words unclear)…. …. If you have left for dancing then why do you need a veil!”

    He says regarding the scholar Shah Ismail Dehlwi Shaheed:

    “Sarkash, rebellious, shaytaan, cursed, disgraced person.” (al-aman wal alfee pg112)

    He says in “Subhaan al-Sabuh”:

    “The one who follows Shah Ismail is a filthy one from Iblees’ men in Hell.”

    “The works of Ismail Dehlwi, like “taqwiyatul imaan” and “al-sirat al-mustaqim” are all blasphemous books. They are more impure then urine, if anyone does not believe in that then he is a heretic.” (Daman Bagh, pg134)

    “The Ahlul Hadith are Saba’is and heretics. Do not eat and drink with them, and do not have marriage ties with them. If anyone marries with their women, his marriage is invalid and It is but pure fornication.” (Al-Fatawa al-Riziwiya vol.5 p137)

    “ibn Hazm was a sabian and wicked of tongue.” (Hajaz al-Bahrain vol.2 pg.237)

    “One cannot rely on the opinion of ibn Qayyim, for he was a heretic.” (Al-Fatawa Al-Ridwiya vol.4 pg.199)

    “ibn Taymiyyah talked irrationally on the basis of speculation.” (Al-Fatawa al-Ridwiyya vol.3. p.399)

    “The Wahabis are more wicked, harmful and impure than the Jews and Christians.” (Ahkam al-Sharia vol.1 p.124)

    “’Barahin Qatia’, the work of Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, is dirtier than urine and full of unbelief. If anyone does not believe this, then he is an atheist.” (Subhaan al-Subbuh p.134)

    “If anyone hesitates in declaring Rashid Ahmed (Gangohi) an unbeliever, there is no doubt in his (the one who hesitates) disbelief!” (Fatawa Afriqiya pg.24)

    “He who hesitates in declaring Ashraf Ali (Thanvi) to be an unbeliever is himself an unbeliever.” (Al-Fatawa Ridwiya vol.6. p.124)

    “His (Ashraf Ali Thanvi) followers are apostates.” (ibid p.104)

    “Iblees speaks through the tongue of the heretic philosopher Dr. Muhammad Iqbal” (ibid p.340)

    “If anyone puts on the English cap (hat) he is an unbeliever. There is no doubt about his disbelief.” (Baligh al-Nur, included in Fatawa al-Ridwiya vol.6 p.11)

    “The Ghair-Muqalideen, Deobandis are the dogs of Hell. To say that the Rafidhis (mainstream extreme Shias) are worse than them, is a transgression against them (i.e. Rafidhis) and is equivalent to finding faults in their cursed dignity.” (Fataawa Razwiyyah V.4 P.90)

    He wrote about the Deobandis:

    “A woman is capable of committing fornication. Then according to the opinion of your teacher and leader, it is necessary that your God too should be capable of committing fornication; otherwise the prostitutes of the brothers of the Deobandis would laugh at Him and say, ‘How do you claim for Godhead? You are not capable of doing what even we can do? [….] Then it is necessary that your God has a woman and it is necessary that your God has genitals. So you have to agree that along with God there has to be a Goddess!” (Subhaan al-Sabooh by Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi p.142)

    We seek refuge with Allah from such nonsense.

    We ask Allah’s pardon and turn to him in repentance.

    Is this manner of writing befitting a scholar of religion? And on top of that one who claims to be a reviver of religion?

    Attitude of His Opponents

    It is noteworthy to mention that whoever propagated tawheed and sunnah in opposition to shirk and bid’ah was automatically considered to be an opponent by Ahmed Raza. This mindset is still deeply embedded in the blind-followers of his sect.

    After becoming aware of this mans nature and style of language it is understandable why people would want to ignore his works and criticisms. Many of his blind-followers have in their absurdity taken this as a proof that Ahmed Raza Khan was irrefutable.

    However one of his opponents was the great Imam, Shaykh Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi rahimahullah. Shaykh Gangohi had begun to deliver discourses on Hadith as well as sermons of reformative nature during which he would admonish people particularly with regard to Shirk and Bid’ah in its various forms and manifestations. Ahmed Reza Khan Barelvi who was in those days one of the foremost propagators of innovations brought up all kinds of accusations false charges and calumnies against Shaykh Gangohi, using extremely foul language in his various pamphlets and writings. Sh. Gangohi, had Sh. Muhammad Bakhsh read those pamphlets to him, as he had almost lost his eyesight in his old age. Answering of letters and other correspondence was done by his student Sh. Muhammad Yahya Kandhlawi rahimahullah.

    Since these pamphlets comprised (as you have read) most vulgar abuses, malicious propaganda and scandalous accusations it was not easy for the student to read them out to his Shaykh. He therefore did not submit those pamphlets to his mentor for a few days. After a couple of days Sh. Gangohi asked; ‘Moulwi Yahya, what’s the matter? Does our friend no longer remember us? Since quite some time I have not got any of his pamphlets’.

    The student replied: ‘Sir, we have received several of his pamphlets, but when I went through them I found that they contain nothing but abuses and calumnies, so I thought why should I cause you anguish by reading them out to you.’ Such were the students own considerations.

    But then there were such pious, noble servants of Allah who had sacrificed all their longings and desires, their honour and esteem for the sake of their Lord and Creator. Shaykh Gangohi rahimahullah said to him: “Don’t do that. Read out to me whatever pamphlet you receive. I want to hear what he writes because maybe there is anything true about whatever he charges me with, so I can correct myself.” (The World Within” by Mufti Muhammad Shafi)

    • Allama Riaz Ali Carmali says:

      Bismil LLAAH ir RAHMAN ir RAHIM.

      All Praise belongs to ALLAH TA’ALA, AL-AHAD, AL-MUTA’ALI, THE RABB of all the worlds.

      Bi Idhnil LLAAHI TA’ALA,

      I am a devout Sufi Muslim, but I respect and love all true muslims who, wholeheartedly believe in the ONENESS of ALLAH (SWT), in the Nabuwwah of Muhammad (saw), and follow the Quran and the Sunnah that matches the Holy Quran.
      Provided that the muslims meet the criteria I stated above, I love them and consider them as my brothers, be them Sunni, Salafi, Barelvi, Shia, Zaydi, Bohra, Ibadi, and others.

      Since the death of Prophet Muhammad (saw) till our days, most people who say that are Sufi are not really sufis. Only one third of the sufis are true Sufis, and these true Sufis only pay attention to ALLAH Subhana HU wa TA’ALA, have mystical Knowledge of ALLAH TA’ALA according to the Holy Quran, and do not attach great importance to ALLAH’s creatures respecting them only as the Holy Quran taught us to respect them.

      Unfortunately, many Barelvis attribute a Degree to Rassulullah (saw) that he (saw) does not have.
      They come with a lot of exaggerations about the Nature of Muhammad (saw). The Translation of the Quran made by Ahmad Reza Khan Barelvi, which in general is a good Translation, has many mistakes regarding our Holy Prophet and exagerate about Rassulullah (saw) giving him a degree he does not have. Anyone who knows Arabic knows that those Translations of the Ayah about Rassulullah (saw) are wrong translations.

      Many Barelvis believe in “Haqiqat-e-Muhammadiyyah”. This concept is totally wrong according to the Book of ALLAH TA’ALA, and almost attribute divinity to our blessed Prophet (saw).

      The greatness of Muhammad (saw) is in the fact that he was a human being like us (although his spiritual station is far greater than ours), has limitations like us, did not have Ilmul Ghayb, and like other Prophets, will be questioned in the Day of Qiyyamah.

      The greatness of Rassulullah is not on blasphemies like “Haqiqat-e-Muhammadiyyah” which falsely attributes to our Prophet a Status of a kind of a semi-god. The supporters of this form of Xirk are following the bad exemple of the jews and christians, when the former say falsely that Uzair the Son of ALLAH TA’ALA, and the latter say that Jesus (as) is the Son of ALLAH TA’ALA.
      The supporters of “Haqiqat-e-Muhammadiyyah”, are commiting Xirk and pay no attention at all about what the Holy Wuran says about Rassulullah (saw).

  2. Waseem Ahmed says:

    Such scholars must have been, as they were, very abusive and denigrating towards the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for a scholar like Imam Ahmed Raza to say what he said, if he ever said it.
    On the one hand you don’t believe in taqleed but when it comes to the so-called innocent scholars, you are bound to protect them and feel so bad for them.

    Truly love your Prophet (PBUH) and do not make any attempts to discredit him in anything. No one knows how much Allah has granted him, whatever He granted him. Why risk your Hereafter.

    We, the Ahle Sunnah wa Jamah say ad will continue to say everything for the Prophet (PBUH) out of his love but the only thing we will not say about him that He is Allah, or Rab, or worship him in any way like we worship Allah Almighty.

    The scholars you seem to die for have really said evil things concerning the holy Prophet (PBUH) out of the natural human jealousy. It pains them to see why the Prophet (PBUH) and the righteous auliyah receive so much praise and honor.

  3. Person says:

    Problem is most of the stuff you said are false.

    Click to access Al-Muhannad_’ala_al-Mufannad_Translation.pdf

  4. Umair says:

    You deibandis are hypicrites to the best,have you read the writings of ganghoi and ashraf ali thanvi,they are worse than anything on earth and then you falsely accuse ahmed raza khan by putting your satanic mind into action.Allah will judge you onthe day of judgement not these kufr statements maulanas,have you ever seen the confessions of support that alahazrat got from ulema of mecca,your maulanas were denouncedas kafirs,as they confirmed the fatwa of imam ahmed raza khan,and you label yourself as the torch bearers of islam,shame on you.first go and do a detailed research on your maulvis you will understand a lot.

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