Refutation of Hussam al-Haramayn

The following links can be studied in order to conclude how Ahmad Raza Khan deceived the scholars of Haramayn and other Barelwi laymen for the past 100 years:

The Decisive Debate – Mawlana Manzur Nu’mani:

Accusations against Mawlana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi

Accusations against Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi

Accusations against Mawlana Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri

Accusations against Mawlana Qasim Nanotwi:

10 Responses to Refutation of Hussam al-Haramayn

  1. Madni Vadhariya says:

    Imam Ahmed Raza khan Rehmatullahialai went on for Haj and took the books of deobandi sect founder and the ulema of Haramaiyn were at that time were sunnis not najdis as now so they read by themselves their books and acclaimed them kafir because of thier Gustakhi made for Holy Prophet Alaihissalam
    For Allah’s sake fear him and don’t prepare Jahannam for yourself and others

    • Hammad says:

      Please, see the book “Al-Muhannad Alal Mufannad [Aqaid Ulama e Deoband]” By Shaykh Khaleel Ahmad Saharanpuri. Ulma of Madina, Makkah and all over the world signed and verified that Deobandis are the real Ahl e Sunnat Wal Jam’aat.

      This book was written in the response of that refutation from Ahmed Raza Khan, when Ulma-e-Haramayn asked 26 questions from Darul uloom, the questions were answered in this book and then the Ulmas verified and signed in response that Ulma e Deoband are on righteous path.

      After the publication of this book, Ahmed Raza Khan was alive for about 12 yrs and didn’t write in response to this book. Even one of the Barelvi Aalim (Khaleel ur rehman who was in Makkah/Madina) thought that everything is solved and he stopped uttering harsh words against Ulma e Deoband.

      This book, as the meaning of the title suggests, is the sword which will remain their on the necks of the liars and Bidatees all the way to the day of Judgement.

  2. Seeker of Knowlede103 says:

    Madni Vadhariya, you said that the ulema of Haramaiyn read the books… could they have when the books were in Urdu?

  3. afzal patel says:

    Do you realy think that all the scholers of.the world especialy that of harmain sharewfains were fools or not qualified enough? Do u know that the talfeer of ashrafali thanvi rashid ahmed gangohi has been done explicitly which could only be done when there are proofs beyond any doubts? Think about it and come out of your cocoon and try to except the truth for your own good in hear after and this wprld.

  4. Abdullah says:

    @Afzal Patel

    There is enough material on this website refuting Ahmad Raza Khan and his followers. The refutations have been dealt with sufficiently. The scholars of Haramayn were fooled by Ahmad Raza. This is proven by the fact that most of the Scholars that signed Hussam al-Haraayn, took back their endorsements. Ahmad Raza Khan lied about the Deobandi scholars.

    A simple example is that he attributed to Ml. Rashid Ahmad Gangohi already lied! This was never ever stated by Ml. Gangohi. He gave actually a fatwa that such a person is an apostate!

    The only thing that Barelwis can do is produce a fabricated fatwa which is not even a manuscript of the actual work itself!

  5. Jaa Al Haq says:

    The great scholar of Ahlus Sunnah Mufti Hashmat Ali khan (ra), sent this fatwa of Hassamul Harmayn to all the scholars of Indian subcontinent of that time (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh being one at that time)

    Two hundred and sixty eight (268) leading Muftis of Indian subcontinent of that time issued the fatwa on these 5 personalities:

    1. Mirza qadyani (founder of the qadiani/ahmadiyya sect )
    2. Rashid Ahmed Gangohi
    3. Khaleel Ahmed Anbethawi
    4. Qasim Nanotvee
    5. Asharf Ali Thanvee

    It should be noted that 268 Muftis were all leading muftis from the madarsa of Firang mahal , Rampur , Hyderabad ( deccan) , Sindh , Lahore. Agra , Surat… etc.
    He published those fatwa under the name of ‘As sawahir rul Hindiya’

    Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (d.1340H) was not the originator of refutations of the Deobandis! Many had written against the `Ulama’ of Deoband prior to him, such as:
    Mawlânâ Fadl al-Haqq Khayrabâdî (r) in”Tahqîqul-Fatâwâ”
    Hadrat Fadl al-Rasûl Badayûnî (r) in “Sayful-Jabbâr” and others.

    Imam Fadl Haq Khairabadi al Chishti (Rh) took strong objection on maulvi Ismail Dehlavi on the matter of Imakn al Kidhb, Imtina’ al Nazir and on the matter of shafa’at ( intercession) of the Holy Prophet (sal allahu alayhi wa sallam)

    (1) In 1240A.H (1824CE) Imam Fadl Haq Khairabadi al Chishti along with thirteen (13) other leading scholars issued the fatwa of kufr upon Ismail Dehlavi. All these fourteen (14) scholars were the leading students of Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlavi (Rh)

    The fatwa was published in Tahqiq al Fatwa, signed by all fourteen (14) scholars:

    In fact, Ahmed Raza Khan had not yet been born when Imam Fazle Haq khairabadi (rh) wrote Tahqeeq al-Fatwa fi Ibtal al-Taghwa

    Mawlānā Abul Kalam Azad writes:

    “Mawlānā Muhammad Isma’il Shaheed was a classmate of Mawlānā Munawwaruddin. After the passing of Shah Abdul Aziz, when he wrote Taqwiyatul Iman and Jilaul‘Ainayn and his creed spread throughout the land, all the scholars rose up against it. Theperson who refuted these books the most was Mawlānā Munawwaruddin who wrote several books and in 1240 AH, the famous dialogue happened at the Jamia Mosque of Delhi. All the scholars of India were asked to effect a ruling [fatwa] and thereafter a fatwa was also beseeched from the Haramayn.

    From his writings it is evident that initially Mawlānā Munawwaruddin tried to convince Mawlānā Isma’il and his son-in-law Mawlānā Abdul Hay and their friends and tried all means to persuade them. However, when all his attempts came to nothing, he was forced to debate and refute. The famous debate at the Jamia Mosque of Delhi was organised where on one side were Mawlānā Isma’il and Mawlānā Abdul Hay and on the other side were Mawlānā Munawwaruddin and all the scholars of Delhi.

    ( Ref: Azad ki kahani, page 48. Maktaba Khalil, Urdu bazaar, Lahore. Mawlana Abdur Razzaq Maleeh Abadi)

    Mawlānā Makhsoos Ullah bin Shah Rafiuddin Dihlawi, Mawlānā Muhammad Musa bin Shah Rafiuddin Dihlawi, Mawlānā Fazle Haq Khairabadi (student of Shah Abdul AzizMuhaddith Dihlawi), Mufti Sadruddin Aazurdah (student of Shah Abdul Aziz MuhaddithDihlawi), Muhammad Fazle Rasool Uthmani Badayuni, Mawlānā Ahmad Saeed Naqshbandi Dihlawi, Mawlānā Rasheeduddin Dihlawi, Mawlānā Khairuddin Dihlawi,
    Hakeem Sadiq Ali Khan Dihlawi (grandfather of Masih-ul-Mulk Hakeem Ajmal Khan),Mawlānā Sayyid Ashraf Ali Gulshan Abadi, Mawlānā Mukhlis-ur-Rahman Chatgami, Mawlānā Qalandar Ali Zubairi Panipati and numerous other Ulema of the Ahlu’s Sunnahrefuted these new beliefs and doctrines via speeches and writings.

    Ismail Dehalvi passed away many years before Imam Ahmed Raza Khan’s (ra) time. Therefore, although Imam Ahmed Raza wrote in his book refuting the writing of Ismail Dehalvi that some of Dehalvi’s writings were of kufr; he did not pass kufr fatwa on the Ismail Dehalvi because Dehalvi was deceased (dead) and Ismail Dehalvi could obviously not write defence or explanation of himself.

  6. seema says:

    the last comment is detailed and enlightening. long ago i stopped debating. we cannot change the hearts of men only Allah the almighty can do that. all i know is that when Allah Subḥānahu wa ta’āla wants he puts the love of Muhammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam into your heart and everything becomes easy after that.

  7. usman says:

    Ahmad Raza Khan was a liar and dajjal…He intentially misquoted texts and put differnt text together to lie agains Ulema of deoband. He translated these misquoted text and presented them to the Ulema of haram. Al muhannad is a refutation of his lies and all ulema of hijaz and elsewhere signed this. Which proves the lies of the brewlewis…Allah will show who was on truth on the day of judement

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