Beliefs of the Barelwis

Definition of Shirk by Shah Wali Allah

Knowledge of the Five – The keys of the unseen

Icharwi distorting quotes about ilm al-ghayb

Examining the Belief that the Prophet (upon him be peace) is Omnipresent

Ikhtiyar al-Kull

Ruling on seeking help from the Creation

The Impermissibility of Istighathah from the Dead

Dispute over Dhati (intrinsic) and ‘Ata’i (granted) ‘Ilm al-ghayb

One Response to Beliefs of the Barelwis

  1. Ibn Furak says:

    Can you write an article about their belief that Sayyiduna Muhammad (sallAllahu `alayhi wa sallam) was created by noor and that he is the first creation? Becuase these 2 beliefs are clearly wrong.

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