Aḥmad Yār Khān Na‘īmī: The Meaning of Ḥāḍir Nāẓir

Aḥmad Yār Khān Na‘īmī (1906 – 1971), a very well-known and accepted Barelwī scholar (and student of famous Barelwī scholar Na‘īmuddīn Murādābādī; and someone who had met Aḥmad Riḍā Khān Barelwī), writes:

The legal meaning of Ḥāḍir Nāẓir in the universe is that one with spiritual strength, while remaining in one place, sees the entire universe just like he sees his hand and palm, and hears sounds near and far; or at one moment, traverses the whole world and at great distances fulfils the needs of those with needs – whether this action is purely with the soul or with a bodily image or with the very body that is buried in the grave or is present at any place; there is proof of all meanings for the seniors of Dīn from Qur’ān, Ḥadīth and statements of the ‘Ulamā’. (Jā’ al-Ḥaqq, p138-9)

4 Responses to Aḥmad Yār Khān Na‘īmī: The Meaning of Ḥāḍir Nāẓir

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  2. Aurangzeb says:

    What part of this is problematic? The great elders of Deoband get attacked by the pseudo Salafi/Wahhabi group for the same beliefs.

    Taking passages like these and critiquing them only serves the Barelwi agenda of portraying Deobandis as Wahhabi sympahtizers and not authentic Sufis.

  3. Kenan says:

    You have taken only that part and have not shown the entire chapter. which chapter is this and what did he stated before and after these part. If he said that all this is possible if Allahu ta’ala is granting him all that, then how can you reject this? but if he said that this is possible without the granting of Allahu ta’ala, that he is possible by himself then this is not correct. And if he said that all the features he mentioned are permanent, then this is not allowed to say such a claim because no one can know when Rasulullah was given that features and when he was not given… So please give the whole text so we can see what was before and after…

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