Pir Ala’uddin Siddiqi saying scolding Wahhabis is a replacement of Dua during Tawaf

Here we have a famous pir of the Barelwis saying he agrees with the barelwi fanatic Pir Irfan Shah Mashadi, saying he does not pray behind the imams of Saudi and does Taqiya there.

A man asked him: I do not know the du’aa’s of tawaaf.

So Pir Alla’uddin Sidiqi stated he can scold wahhabis and his sins will be forgiven cause of this.

This is the hatred that our Barelwi community is taught day in day out.

4 Responses to Pir Ala’uddin Siddiqi saying scolding Wahhabis is a replacement of Dua during Tawaf

  1. Muhammad Yaseen says:

    So what about the Deobandis forbidding prayers behind Barelwis?

    If you say that it is because the Deobandis believe the Barelwis to be misguided, and are hence right in forbidding prayers behind them, then the Barelwis too believe the Wahhabis to be misguided and therefore do not consider it valid to offer prayers behind Wahhabis.

    Do you also pray behind the Shi’ah?

    • Mufti Taqi Umani permitted offering Salah behind Barelwis, Shaykh Al Islam Husayn Ahmad Al MAdani also permtted offering Salah behind the barelwis (He stopped people from offering Salah behing Ahlul Hadith), Mufti Kifayatullah Dehlawi, Shaykh Ashraf Ali Tanvi, Mahmud Al Hasan Al Gangohi all permitted offering Salah behind the Barelwis.
      Secondly, we are gainst cursing the Wahabbis (Saudis), we (Deobandis Ahlus Sunnah) are also against them, but we never curse them like you people allow cursing them.

  2. A Hanafi brother says:

    So this sajjada nashin will have us believe that this person who came to perform tawaaf didn’t even know how to pronounce Bismillah? How absurd! He is just trying to ingratiate himself with his vile and foul-mouthed guest of honor…

  3. May Allah forgive him. May Allah grant him Jannah.

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