Do not Trust Anything Abu Hasan has to Say

Abu Hasan of masabih forums has written another useless book. By now, I’m sure most readers, like myself, have lost patience in following what he has to say, as he has shown again and again that he is not interested in addressing the real issues and the substantial answers available. Instead he wants to spew his useless filth with what intention, Allah knows best. Most of the points that I managed to scan through in his new “book” have already been addressed in-depth or are simply untrue.


I will just leave readers with this thought:


By now it should be abundantly clear that Abu Hasan is unreliable and a decietful liar. These are undeniable facts.


Example of his deceit:


Examples of his unreliability/stupidity:


And there is more.


A couple of these, Abu Hasan was forced to confess. The rest he has kept silent about.


This excludes him from being a trustworthy source. Instead he may safely be considered an unreliable person, if not a kazzaab. Hence, nothing he has to say should be trusted. If ever he does come up with anything of substance, which from the looks of it will never happen, we may insha Allah decide to issue a response.

4 Responses to Do not Trust Anything Abu Hasan has to Say

  1. Abul Hussain says:

    The latest book which as usual displays the barelwi idiocity attacks Nuh Ha Meem Keller.

    Let’s do a quick recap.

    1. Nuh Ha Meem Keller might have many aqida issues similar to barelwis

    2. Barelwis and Nuh Ha Mim Keller had no issues what so ever

    3. Nuh Ha Mim Keller voices his opinion views on Barelwi sect and Sunni Daral Uloom Deoband University affiliated sholars

    4. Barelwis disagree with Keller because of Keller’s opinion/views on the issue

    5. Barelwis declare Keller to be deviant , heretic and kafir following the grandmaster of kharijite takfir AlooHazrat Ahmed Raza Khan Takfiri

    what more could be said ?

  2. h says:

    I dont think its fair to say he’s dodgy, i think youo just cant reply to his . Ha Ha

    • Abul Hussain says:

      Have you notice how this pretender climbed the snakes & ladder
      he was abu hasan then slowly became sidi abu hasan , after few more deceptive articles he became shaykh abu hasan and after grand distortion he becomes mawlana abu hasan , i guess in the barelwi world the more you deceive and trick others the higher the rank you get. Let us wait to see this fraudster become Allamah Abu Hasan al-barelwi , and apart from Abu Hasan’s al-Barelvi’s admission that he tricked others ( lame excuses like i was in hurry and mistranslated or he was following aloohazrat ..?)

  3. deobandi says:

    No deobandi can reply to the book hence why there will be no response.

    the deobnadis made these ugly statements and they are kufr according to the great Imam’s of this Ummah

    What is it that you do not agree with – refute it

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