Hatred of Alahazrat

Dr Mahmood Ahmed Saaqi writes on page 17 in his book “Hazrat Sher e Ahle Sunnat” that a man came to the Lion of Ahlus-Sunnah complaining that his Water Buffalo won’t give any milk even to its own young.Lion of Ahlus-Sunnah suggested to the man to go near the Water Buffalo and say in the ears, “Wahabees & Deobandees are illegtimate (haraami)!” The man did as suggested and the problem was resolved.”

Note: this ammount of hatred is taught in Barelwi mosques every day.

3 Responses to Hatred of Alahazrat

  1. Abul Hussain says:

    Hatred of Barelwi followers of AlooHazrat Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi
    said Abdul-Qadir one of the hardcore barelwi of sunniport masabih/showthread.php?t=11070
    —-Begin Barelwi hatred on Umar bin Hafiz , Ali Jifri and others—

    he should have quit while he was still ahead and shut his bloody face with a simple “i don’t know their language, i can’t comment. i maintain good opinions of all muslims until i know any more”, which would neither have been politically incorrect, nor in violation of any Islamic rule.

    instead he pretended to be all so knowledgeable about the whole issue and whose nafs exploded what out of proportion, eventually shoving his foot in his face.

    this pretentious actor’s plastic piety and superficial knowledge have worn off, much like keller’s. he is a fitnah-causer and someone who is himself misguided and also misguides Muslims. may Allah give him what he deserves.

    the problem with arrogant people like him, jifry and keller is that they think it’s below their pride to shut their yaps, and that they should give an opinion on anything, regardless if they know about it or not!
    — end of his words

  2. Khalid Khan says:

    I think we MUST hate those(wahabi & deobandi) who hate Our PROPHET(صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم).

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