Exposing Another of Abu Hasan’s Translation Fails

Exposing Another of Abu Hasan’s Translation Fails

Here is another example of Abu Hasan’s translation fails:


Here he quotes Imam al-Tahawi and translates his statement as follows:


wa man waSafa Allaha bi ma’ani al-bashar, fa qad kafar.
fa man abSara hadha i’ytabar.
wa `an mithli qawli’l kuffari inzajar.
wa `ullima annahu bi Sifatihi laysa ka’l bashar.

whosoever describes Allah ta’ala in terms of human attributes had committed disbelief (kufr). those who reflect upon this will realize [the truth]. [a person who utters such heretical words] should be severely reprimanded [rebuked and deterred] like the sayings of the infidels [are rejected]. and he will be taught that Allah, in His Attributes is not similar to the attributes of a human.


Abu Hasan gets both the transliteration and the translation wrong.

In the transliteration, the final sentence is not “wa ‘ullima” (he is taught) but “wa ‘alima” (he knows).

As for the translation, after the second sentence, Abu Hasan completely lost the meaning of the author, Imam al-Tahawi.

Al-Tahawi was not talking about a person who “utters such heretical words.”

Instead he was talking about the person who understands that the one who describes Allah with a human quality has committed disbelief. The person who understands this “will reflect/ draw lessons (i’tabar); and will be deterred (inzajara) (i.e. by his own knowledge and belief) from the like of the statements of the disbelievers; and will know that He (Allah) is not like man in His attributes.”

Abu Hasan’s silly error was because he mistook “inzajara” (is deterred), which is an intransitive verb, for a transitive verb (which is actually zajara). There are other misunderstandings of the text too, but there is no need to dwell on them.

Can such a person who cannot understand an elementary ‘aqidah text, and derives meanings from Arabic statements that were not intended by them, be trusted in his “research” and “translations”? You be the judge.

4 Responses to Exposing Another of Abu Hasan’s Translation Fails

  1. Muhammed Abdullah Khan says:

    he has responded to your analysis and asked you a plain question in the end, what is your answer it?

  2. Mukhtar Khan says:

    But what about the reason behind such a gross mistranslation?

    What do you think of Tariq Jameel’s statement that has been quoted?

    If you don’t address this issue, then you too lose all credibility for being fair and unbiased.

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