The Prophet is a Human Being – Ibn Abd al-Ghani Abideen

It is mentioned in minahu dhi al-jalaali ishlaah ‘ilm al-haal by Allama Ahmad bin Abd al-Ghani Abideen:

He is the most ashraf from amongst the servants of Allah the Most High in obedience (inqiyad) and action regarding with his commandments and avoiding that which is forbidden. He is the highest in rank and class amongst them. He peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, was a human being (insaan) who married with women and had children from them, males and females.

Ibn Abd al-Ghani Abideen states in the sharh:

We belief firmly [yaqeenan] (that he, peace and blessings be upon him was a human being) from the propgeny of Adam and Hawwa.

(Dar al-Bashaa’ir edition 1999, edited by Sh. Adib Kalaas p. 150)


One Response to The Prophet is a Human Being – Ibn Abd al-Ghani Abideen

  1. Perdearkası says:

    Assalamu alaikum, I am a turkish people. I am not deobendi and barelwi but I believe in every ‘Aalim without looking to his “Nisbat”. So I have love for many deobendi ulema and if someone from the barelwis say the truth that have to accept every muslim. So I think dome of the barelwis are indeed very agressive and hide from time to time some truth in some issues. But in this matter “Nur wa Bashar” they are right. I dont understand why Resulullah “sallalllahu alaihi wa sallam” can not be a bashar and from pur “Noor” also. Because everythink on this earth and in the ‘Aalam, I mean all what Allahu teala created is “Makhluq” and also the nur of Resulullah is makhluq. No one can say that the nur of Resulullah is “Ghair.e Makhluq” and I think the barelwis dont say so. There are many proofs they show Hazrat Resulullah “Alaihissalam” had no shadow. Also Hazrat Imam Rabbani Mujaddid-i Alf-i Thani writes in his “Maktubat” in (if I remember correct) Volume 3 Maktub 99 that Resulullah “alahissalam” had no shadow because he was the “Altaf” min’el “Lataif”. So what? That the barelwis say that Resulullah knew every thing from ghayb is something other. But Nur wa Bashar is possible and reality. That does not oppose that Resulullah was “Insaan”. Yes He “alaihissalam” was insaan but He “alaihissalam” was pure noor. And his noor was also makhluq. What is wrong in this? That the barelwis are wrong with something does not means that they are wrong in every thing. And that the deobendis are right in something does not mean that they are right in every thing.

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