Alahazrat – Deeming the Prophet Haadir is Against the Aqida of Ahlus Sunna

Another contradiction amongst the Barelwis. Alahazrat says in Fatawa Ridawiyya (29/206) in a clear question whether it is right to believe that the Prophet is present and seeing (haazir naazir):

To deem the leader of mankind as present (haadir) is against the aqida of ahlus sunna wa l-jama’a and incorrect. Rather, when durud and salam is recited, it is presented to the soul of the Prophet in Madina Munawwarah. It is not like that the leader of the prophets is present himself for this.


5 Responses to Alahazrat – Deeming the Prophet Haadir is Against the Aqida of Ahlus Sunna

  1. Hussein says:

    Unfortunately, it is not written Haadhir Naazir there….
    It’s only written Haadhir…please do not add unnecessary words.

  2. Abdullah says:

    The question contains the words haazir naazir, so Ahmad Raza Khan was answering that particular notion:

    “aap ko haazir naazir jaanana aur aalim al-ghayb maananaa kaysa hai?”

    But I will remove the word seeing.

  3. Ahmed says:

    I don’t think that is the words of Ahmed Reza Khan, as if you read on, it seems it is a Deobandi Fatwa a questioner is asking about. Read to the end and see what you think.

  4. Abdullah says:

    Ahmed: Questions are on the previous page. Here he is answering seven questions posed to him.

  5. Syed Muhammad Ukasha says:

    Brother, Mawlana Ahmad Rida Khan said many things that were not correct and could be considered excessive praise of Prophet. Like Haji Imdadhullah wrote many things in his poettry that are not correct. So, Many things he said was due to his extreme love of prophet and his extreme sufi character. Therefore, We Should not blame him for everything, his disturbing statements should be left to Allah

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