Mukhayyir al-Kull Negated by Sh. Muhammad al-Haashimi

In miftaah al-jannah; sharh aqidat ahl al-sunna by the Maliki Sh. Muhammad al-Haashimi (the Shaykh of Sh. Abd al-Qadir Isa and the grandshaykh Sh. Nuh Keller) the following narration was mentioned:

جاء رجل إلى علي بن أبي طالب رضي الله عنه وقال: أنا أملك الخير والشر والطاعة والمعصية، فقال: تملكها مع الله أو بدون الله؟
فإن قلت: تملكها مع الله فقد ادعيت أنك شريك مع الله، إن قلت: أملكها بدون الله فقد ادعيت أنك أنت الله ، فتاب الرجل على يديه…tahuljanna.pdf

“A person came to Ali ibn Abi Talib may Allah be pleased with him and said: I am the owner of good, evil, obedience and disobedience. Ali said: Do you own it with Allah or without Allah? If you say: you own it with Allah, you have claimed you are a partner with Allah, and if you say, you own it without Allah, you have claimed that you are Allah. So the person repented before him.”

(even though this narration does not have perhaps a sanad, still he cited it, and it refutes the shirki beliefs of granting awliya/prophets the “power of all good or bad.”

3 Responses to Mukhayyir al-Kull Negated by Sh. Muhammad al-Haashimi

  1. abdullah noorani says:

    It is unfortunate that you Deobandi cowards are now misusing the works of Shaykhul Masha`ikh Allama Shaykh Muhammad Hashimi rahimahu Allah.

    Ahl alSunna do NOT claim that the Awliya hold power with Allah. What you are quoting refers to bi dhat.

  2. abdullah noorani says:

    Secondly, there is a difference between being malik and being mukhtar. Ahl alSunna believes ONLY Allah is the Malik (the owner). What we do believe is that Allah granted special abilities to his servants (Awliya Allah)

  3. Abdullah says:

    Brother, it seems you are not aware of the beliefs of the Barelwi elders. Amjad Ali said in his book Bahare Shari’at:

    “Our Master, the Prophet (may Allah bless him and give him peace), is the absolute deputy of Allah Most High. He has been given control (tassaruf) over the entire universe. He may do as he desires, give to whomsoever he wishes, take from anyone whatever he desires. None in the universe can deny his rulings. The entire universe is under his governance and he is under the authority of none except Allah. He is the owner (malik) of all humans. Anyone who does not accept him to be his owner (malik) remains devoid of the sweetness of the Sunnah. All the earth is his property. Paradise is his estate. The angels of earth and the sky are under his authority. The keys to paradise and hell have been given to him in his noble hand. Sustenance, goodness and other types of blessings are distributed from his noble office. This world and the hereafter is a portion of his blessings. The rulings of Shari‘ah have been delegated to his authority. He may make impermissible (haram) for anyone whatever he decides. Similarly, he may make permissible (halal) whatever he wishes and exempt whatever obligation (fard) he desires.”

    One of the leaders of the Barelwis, Mufti Faiz Ahmad Owaisi, khalifa of the son of Alahazrat wrote even a special book on this topic called ikhtiyar al-kull al-mukhtar al-kull trying to prove that Allah has given the Messenger full freedom in his acts.

    He referred to this booklet in another book of him called khazana-e khuda ki chabiyan habibe khuda ke haath may hai:

    This Barelwi scholar again in this book, made the full comparison of the Messenger with Allah saying that since “everything lies in the hand [power] of Allah,” everything should also lie in the hands of the Messenger:

    Shaykh Sarfraz Khan Safdar dealt with this false

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