Comparing the Holy Messenger with hunters – Ahmad Yaar al-Barelwi

It is apparent from the statements of Barelwi scholars that they believe Holy Messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace) was a bashar only outwardly but in reality/essence he was a Nur. Since they can’t deny the Bashariyyat of Holy Messenger outright, that is their way to hide behind the self-made differentiation of dhahir and haqiqah.

Here is what Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan writes in Ja’ al-Haq,

“Also, the kuffar are being addressed in this ayat [‘I am but a Bashar’, (18:110)]. Due to everything having fear and hate for something from different genus to themselves. It was accordingly said, “O Kuffar! Do not fear me [the Prophet]. I am from your genus, I am a Bashar. Hunters imitate the voices of their prey to catch them. The object behind the ayat is to make the Kuffar inclined [towards the Prophet]. If Deobandis also consider themselves to be Kafirs, they may also accept this statement to apply to them.”

The above quote of Mufti Ahmad Yaar is very impolite towards the Holy Messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace) as he compares the ayat of the Qur’an, in which Holy Messeneger was called a bashar, with a deception of a hunter when he catches his prey.

He is also clearly implying that the purpose of this ayat is only to attract the Kuffar. In other words, Holy Prophet is in reality a Nur but bashar is only a garb.

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