Keeping names like Abd al-Nabi is not permissible – Ibn Abidin

Translated by Zameelur Rahman

‘Allamah Ibn ‘Abidin al-Shami wrote in his Radd al-Muhtar:

أقول: ويؤخذ من قوله ولا عبد فلان منع التسمية بعبد النبي ونقل المناوي عن الدميري أنه قيل بالجواز بقصد التشريف بالنسبة والأكثر على المنع خشية اعتقاد العبودية كما لا يجوز عبد الدار

“I say: From his statement ‘nor [is a child to be named:] ‘Abd So-and-So’ is derived the prohibition of naming [a child] ‘Abd al-Nabi. Al-Munawi transmitted from al-Damiri that it was said it is permissible with the intention of exaltation by affiliation. And the majority are upon prohibition for fear of the belief in servitude [to the Prophet] just as ‘Abd al-Dar is not permissible.”

(Radd al-Muhtar, Dar ‘Alam al-Kutub, 7:599)

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