Prophet Can’t Perform Miracles on their Own

A story of the great Ash’ari scholar al-Baqillani:

The Qadi said, “Then the emperor asked me in another gathering, ‘What do you say about the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, peace be upon him?’ I replied, ‘He is the Spirit of Allah and His Word, His slave, Prophet and Messenge. He is like Adam, whom He created from dust, and then Allah said to him, ‘Be!’ and he was.’ (3:59) I recited the text to him.’ He said, ‘Muslim, do you say that the Messiah is a slave?’ ‘Yes,’ I replied, “That is what we say and it is our deen.’
“He said, ‘You do not say that he is the son of God?’ ‘I seek refuge with Allah!’ I replied, ‘Allah has no son and there is no other god accompanying Him.’ (23:91) You are saying something terrible. If you make the Messiah the son of Allah, who then is his father, brother, grandfather, paternal uncle, and maternal uncle?’ listing possible relatives, and he was confused.
“He asked, ‘Muslim, can a slave create give life, heal the blind and leper?’ I replied, ‘He cannot do that. That was all the action of Allah Almighty.’ Then he asked, ‘How could the Messiah be the slave of Allah and create what he created?’ He mentioned all these signs and asked, ‘How could he do all of that?’ I replied, ‘I seek refuge with Allah. The Messiah did not bring the dead to life nor heal the blind or leper.’ He was confused and impatient. He said, ‘Muslim, do you deny this when it is well-known among people and people accept it?’ I replied, ‘None of the people of understanding and knowledge state that the Prophets performed miracles from themselves. Rather a miracle is something which Allah Almighty performs at their hands to confirm them. It is like testimony.’

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