More similarities between the Shi’ah and the Barelwis – Syrian scholar Sa’id Hawwa

Part 3:

Sa’id Hawwa, the famous Syrian Ash’a’ri scholar wrote a book called  Khumayniyyah about Khomeini where he accused him of kufr. One of the reasons he gives for the deviancy of Shi’ah is the fact that they exaggerate the status of their 12 imams too much. He writes that the Shi’ah are guilty of shirk because of them attributing the authorityof tadbir (managing the affairs) in the cosmos to their imams  His words are :

فهذا غلو من الشيعة في الائمة جعلهم يشركون الله سبحانه في القدرة على تدبير هذا الكون وتسخيره ، والله عز وجل يقول جعل لذاته التدبير فقال تعالى : { يُدبر الأمر } .

This type of shirk is also prevalent among the Barelwis. Ahmad Rida Khan Barelwi attribute the authority of tadbir to the Holy Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) and Shaykh Abd al-Qadir Jaylani. He writes in Hada’iq Bakhshish, 2:19,

Zi Tasarruf bhi hai, ma’zun bhi, mukhtar bhi

Kaar ‘Alam ka Mudabbir bhi hai ‘Abd al-Qadir

Ahmad Rida clearly states that Shaykh Jaylani is the mudabbir of the universe.


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