Translation of Nur wa Bashar

English translation of Nur wa Bashar by Shaykh Sarfaraz Khan Safdar

2 Responses to Translation of Nur wa Bashar

  1. True Islam says:

    I was a tablighee jamaat follower 10 years back. But later when i started learning deeply about the Deobandis, Wahabis and the moulvis of Tablighee Jamat i was really shocked about their teachings. I have done a deep research of Ashraf Ali Thanvi and his books but was totally shocked. His Behishthi Zewar has of full defects and so is his Hifzul Iman. Allah Forbid (Mazallah). May Allah protect us from the teachings of Ashraf Ali Thanvi and Deobandi Moulvis. (I AM ONCE AGAIN REPEATING THAT I WAS A FOLLOWER OF TABLIGHEE JAMAT), BUT LATER REPENTED FROM IT.

    I personally have collected many books of Ashraf Ali Thanvi and other Deobandi moulvis. I have showed those books to my friends, coleagues, and my relatives who have repented from the teachings of Thanvi.

    Beware Almighty Allah, whoever supports Thanvi will be misguided person.

    When i heard about Ahmed Raza Khan and his Fatwas against Thani, i did not accept it blindly, but i had to make a deep research of 12-13 years and came to a conclusion that Ashraf Ali Thanvi was a wicked person.

  2. ahle haq says:

    shaitan ne tuje dhoke me dal diya aur bidati ho gaya. qayamat k din dekh lete hai kon saccha or kaun jutha hai

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