Mutaali’a Barelwiyat Online

Therenowned work of  8 volumes called “A Study of Barelwism” written by the great scholar Dr. Khalid Mahmood has just been put online. This is the download link:

The book is a must read for those who want to deepen their study on the Barelwi sect. Dr. Khalid Mahmud was branded by Mufti Zarwali, the founder of ahsan al-‘ulum, as “the greatest Deobandi scholar” alive.

2 Responses to Mutaali’a Barelwiyat Online

  1. Abul Hussain says:

    I don’t remember when this book was first published, it was 1997 or around that time.

    Upto this date, Barelwis / Raza Khanis have been unable to answer it. The book clearly shows that Barelvism is a totally different sect who took from Khawarij the takfeer of muslims.

  2. arif shaikh says:

    I want to know the real face of baralwi and i want full answere that they have raise on our prominent scholar .such as on taqwitul imam, m.ashraf ali sahab, m.rasheed sahab, m.qasim sahab rah. They blame that m.ismail dehlvi r.a. Stop the people against british.. M.ilyas sahab r.a. Has taken fund from british, further that they blam that deoband is rafzi and suppoter of british….
    So i request you to suggest me such book that expose the reality and answer their q. Especially regarding britishers blame…. And ambiguous quotes by our anchesters .

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