Abdul Qadir Jilani on Ilm al-Ghayb

Shaykh ‘Abd al-Qadir Jilani, while discussing deviant beliefs of the Shi’ah, writes in Ghuniyat al-Talibin,

“They all (Shi’ah) believe that their imam has such knowledge that he is aware of all things of the past and future (ma kana wama yakun) whether related to this world or the religion, he knows every thing even the number of pebbles on the surface of the earth, drops of the rain and the number of the leaves of the trees…and majority of them declare those who fought Sayyiduna ‘Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) to be kafir and they believe in many other such things.”

One Response to Abdul Qadir Jilani on Ilm al-Ghayb

  1. waqar says:

    admit it you do not believe in ilm ul ghayb, what is taqi udin uthsmani fatwa on this ‘“Their imam, Shaykh Ahmad Rada Khan al-Barelwi circulated a fatwā of kufr against
    the ‘ulama of Deoband and even said that he who does not consider them a kāfir is
    also a kāfir. This was because they (the ‘ulama of Deoband) had criticized their beliefs
    and said: the knowledge of the unseen is a quality (sifah) of Allah Most High, no one is
    a partner with him in this.”
    Fatāwā al-Uthmānī, Vol.1, Pg.101

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