New Book Uploaded on Hussam al-Haramayn

The brothers at uploaded a very informative book about the fatwa of Hussam al-Haramayn. It is compiled by Ml. Husayn Ahmad Najib. The book consists mainly of three parts from three books:

1. Al-Muhannad by Ml. Khalil
2. Al-Shihab by Ml. Husayn
3. Faysala Kun by Ml. Manzur

It has an introduction by Mufti Taqi Usmani who recommended that Faysala Kun Munazara should be included in the book since the book was a comprehensive and clear (p. 10) reply to the fatwa of Ml. Ahmad Raza Khan. The book of Ml. Husayn Ahmad Madani had more background information of the fatwa, showing how Ahmad Raza mislead the scholars of haramayn and how some of them even refused to sign the fatwa!

As Mufti Taqi Usmani mentions in the end of his intrdocution, the book includes sufficient bagage for those who want to see justice.

Download link:


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