Nabi knew Qur’an before his Birth?

According to Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan, Hakim al-Umma of Barelwis, our beloved Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) knew the Qur’an even before he was born.

He writes in his book Jaa al-Haq (Barelwis are very proud of this book),

“If the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) is not aware of all heavenly scriptures, so what is the point of expressing it and not expressing. The fact is that the Prophet knew the Qur’an from beginning, but he did not implement the Qur’anic commandments before their revelation. So, the first hadith of Bukhari says that Sayyidina Gabriel (may the peace of Allah be upon him), when appeared first time in Hira cave, said: iqra’ (read), he did not say: read so and so verse. ‘Read’ can be said only to one who already knows [so if it is said to a child, read, would that mean that child already knows?]. The Prophet replied: “I am not reader”, I am teacher, I have already learnt. The Qur’an is preserved in the Preserved Tablet (Lawh Mahfuz) and it is already in the memory of the Prophet. Before his birth, he was a prophet with Qur’an. How a nubuwwah (prophet-hood) without wahy (revelation)? [SubhanAllah at his logic here] Therefore, we will have to admit that he knew the Qur’an before his birth. Nowadays also, many children are born hafiz. Sayyidina Isa (may the peace of Allah be upon him) proclaimed just after birth: “He gave me Book.” It means that he already knew the book. Some prophets said: “And We gave him wisdom, while he was still a child”. The Prophet, just after his birth, prostrated and interceded for his Ummah [another baseless claim], whereas prostration (sajdah) and intercession (shifa’ah) are Qur’anic commandments. The Hudhur Ghaws Pak (Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jailani / may Allah have mercy on him) did not drink milk of his mother in the month of Ramadan. This is also Qur’anic commandment.”

Look, how he is talking about Holy Prophet in one breath and then right away jumps to Shaykh Jailani. How is Shaykh Jailani not drinking milk in Ramadan is a Qur’anic commandment?

How is the incident of Shaykh Jailani relevant to his claim?

They have surpassed all extremes in the name of love.

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