Ghulam Rasul Sa’idi and Mukhtare Kull

The Barelwi scholar says in Tibyan al-Qur’an (4/466) under the verse 7:188 after narrating the ahadith mentioning how the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) gave his uncle Abu Talib the benefit of lesser punishment in hell:

“Those narrations that we have mentioned are not contradictory to the stance that the Prophet is not the owner of giving anyone harm or benefit absolutely (mutlaqan), because Allah will make him a possessor of that. He is only the possessor (maalik) of those things which Allah has made him the possessor of.”

The above quote shows how the author accepts that there are some things of which Nabi is not the absolute possessor of, like for example saving Abu Talib and give him paradise.

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