Difference between the Deobandi and the Barelwi

Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan wrote some poetry summing up the differences between Deobandis and Barelwis. Very cleverly, he actually admitted that Deobandis were stronger in educating the masses, while the Barelwi only fills up his belly. How strange!

اهل سنت بهر قوالى وعرس
ديوبندى بهر تصنيفات ودرس
خرچ سنى بر قبور و خانقاه
خرچ نجدى برعلوم ودرسگاه

The ‘Ahl al-Sunnat’ are meant for qawwali and ‘urs
While the Deobandi for writing books and giving lectures
So a ‘Sunni’ spends on graves [tombs] and monasteries (khanqah)
And Najdi spends on education and institution

(Diwane Salik, p. 54)


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