Call yourself Abd al-Nabi in order to incite the Deobandis

It is a part of the methodology of the Barelwis to have hatred towards Deobandis. Pestering and teasing those who follow the scholars of Deoband, is a part of faith according to them. Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan, one of the eminent leaders of the Barelwi school, states in his widely accepted book by the Barelwis called Ja al-Haq in his discussion about using the name Abd al-Nabi:

“On the contrary, keeping them [S: names such as Abd al-Nabi] to incite [churanay] the Wahabis or Deobandis of today is a means of much reward.”

[Ja al-Haq, Lahore: Maktaba Islamiya, p. 354]

One can judge for his own after reading this passage, how far they have gone. This statement can be found on their website here.


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