Barelwi academic principles

One of the cheap tactics of the Barelwis in order to validate their false belief is to call each and every book a fabrication or forged if the supposed statement in a particular book goes against their beliefs. A list can be made of many books where the Barelwis have called books of higly reputable scholars a fabrication, while such a claim was never made before. Some examples about authors wherere this claim was made are:

– Books of Shah Waliyullah
– Books of Shah Muhammad Ishaq
– Books Qadi Thana Allah (especially his work Irshad al-Talibin) 
– Books of Sayyid Abd al-Hayy Laknawi (Author of Nuzhat al-Khawatir and father of Abul Hasan al-Nadwi)

They even call the books written by the Deobandi Akabir forged!

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